RPA for Accounts Payable Automation at C-Power


C-Power is the company that manages the first offshore wind farm in the concession area on the Thornton Bank in the North Sea, on 30 km from the Belgian coast line.

With a total installed capacity of 325,20 MW, the 54 windturbines generate about 1.050 GWh per year, enough to provide 300.000 families with renewable energy. The project on its own represents 7% of Belgium’s renewable energy target by 2020.


C-Power’s Finance and Administration department is responsible for processing supplier invoices. Currently, around 1500 invoices are received per year, mostly as pdf attachments via e-mail. As C-Power is a fast growing company, especially after the recent acquisition of a wind turbine maintenance company, this amount of invoices is increasing rapidly, thus resulting in a higher repetitive workload for entering these invoices into the accounting software Venice.


Robonext has automated the Accounts Payable process through a combination of RPA and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). A robot fetches new invoices from a network folder, extracts the information from these invoices through OCR and enters the invoice information in Venice.


By applying RPA, C-Power’s finance staff is relieved of a significant repetitive workload, while an important share of the incoming invoices is processed automatically.