Automation of repetitive financial tasks at Orakel Group

The Customer

Orakel, founded in 1996, is one of the biggest manufacturers of party and event products on the European market. As a pioneer in wristbands, Orakel has grown into a leading producer of a wide range of products for every event. Orakel stands for quality, sustainability and innovation.

The Challenge

As any medium sized enterprise, Orakel Group is faced with a variety of repetitive administrative tasks. Especially in the financial department, the processing of invoices corresponds to a significant manual workload. Each year, more than 3500 invoices are received by e-mail, for the various entities of Orakel Group. Copying the invoice data to SAP Business One and correctly processing the invoices is time-consuming.

The Solution

Robonext has automated various processes related to the automated processing of invoices and the entry of validated invoice data into SAP Business One. For the data extraction from the invoices, a proven OCR solution is applied. Based on PO numbers that are mentioned on the invoice, PO matching is performed by the RPA robot in SAP Business One. For specific suppliers, the robot follows a specific workflow to correctly process the invoice.

The Results

Thanks to RPA, the repetitive workload at Orakel’s financial department has decreased significantly.

In the words of Jonas Douwen, co-owner of Orakel Group:

“At Orakel we are continuously looking for ways to support our growth in a cost-efficient way. Automating repetitive processes is low hanging fruit in this regard.

RPA has proven to be an ideal solution as it can be implemented at a very reasonable start-up cost and is quite flexible to expand the scope.

The fact that no modifications to our ERP system were needed is an important benefit.

Robonext is a great partner. They are very cooperative and work together with us to find the most effective solution to achieve our goal.”