Our partners

We are proud to partner with leading technology providers in smart business automation.

UiPath is a leading RPA vendor. Founded in Bucharest in 2005, UiPath has known spectacular growth over the last years and has propelled itself to the leading position of the RPA market. Currently, UiPath is headquartered in New York and counts 50% of the top 50 Fortune Global 500 as its customers.

UiPath’s RPA Platform is known for its inherent scalability, robustness and extensive features including Citrix automation and built-in Artificial Intelligence skills. Robonext is proud to be an official partner of UiPath in Benelux, and all of our consultants are UiPath certified and have broad experience in implementing UiPath technologies.

Softomotive was founded in 2005 in Greece and is considered one of the top RPA vendors by independent analysts. Softomotive provides companies the smoothest RPA journey by allowing them to start small, learn quickly and scale seamlessly.

The product offering of Softomotive includes WinAutomation, which is an easy to use, robust and powerful RPA tool, and ProcessRobot, which is an enterprise grade RPA platform. Robonext has extensive experience with  implementing these technologies. We recognize Softomotive as a top product tailored for small to midsize business (SMB) sector.

Automation Anywhere is a leading RPA vendor. The company is based in San Jose, California since 2004.  Automation Anywhere is consistently positioned as one of the leaders in the RPA market, with more than 3500 customers worldwide.

The Enterprise A2019 product offers 100% web-based automation capabilities, in the cloud or on premise. Robonext is proud to be an official AA partner in Benelux.

Faktion is a boutique, end-to-end Artificial Intelligence service provider that enables organizations to build competitive cognitive capabilities for a future where data science and machine learning fulfill a pivotal role in the rapidly transforming economic reality. Metamaze, a product that was recently incubated by Faktion, is a platform to automate complex manual workflows of both structured and unstructured documents through its best-in-class Natural Language Processing engine.

Robonext is a proud partner of Faktion to combine the strengths of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. We can help companies to integrate Metamaze through RPA and enable the automation and optimization of document processing flows.