Our partners

We are proud to partner with the following organizations:

UiPath is a leading RPA vendor. Founded in Bucharest in 2005, UiPath has known spectacular growth over the last years and has propelled itself to the leading position of the RPA market. Currently, UiPath is headquartered in New York and counts 50% of the top 50 Fortune Global 500 as its customers.

UiPath’s RPA Platform is known for its inherent scalability, robustness and extensive features including Citrix automation and built-in Artificial Intelligence skills. Robonext is proud to be an official gold partner of UiPath in Benelux, and all of our consultants are UiPath certified and have broad experience in implementing UiPath technologies.

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In 2018, robonext partnered up with Softomotive, a Greek RPA vendor. We were always a fan of WinAutomation and ProcessRobot, the RPA tools that Softomotive developed. Softomotive was acquired by Microsoft in May 2020, and thereby robonext has become Microsoft partner, specialized in Power Automate. Our engineers are intimately familiar with both the original Softomotive product and Microsoft Power Automate, allowing you to harness the full power of both.

Power Automate is an automation platform that allows you to automate workflows across different applications. Power Automate is part of Microsoft’s Power Platform, a digital platform consisting of Power Automate, Power Apps (low code), PowerBI and Power Virtual Agents.

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Automation Anywhere is a leading RPA vendor. The company is based in San Jose, California since 2004.  Automation Anywhere is consistently positioned as one of the leaders in the RPA market, with more than 3500 customers worldwide.

The Enterprise A2019 product offers 100% web-based automation capabilities, in the cloud or on premise. Robonext is proud to be an official AA partner in Benelux.

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Metamaze is an AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing SaaS platform that enables companies to automatically process, extract and structure information from any type of document. The Metamaze Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform allows you to train, manage, integrate and use state-of-the-art A.I. models for extracting information from and automatically processing documents in a user friendly way. Metamaze is a daughter company of Faktion, one of the prominent experts in AI in Belgium.

Robonext is an early believer and is, since 2020, the first implementation partner of the Metamaze platform. We have extensive experience in implementing this technology for administrative processes that rely on handling documents.


Autimatic is a company specialized in connecting employers and talented people with autism. Autimatic focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Administration. Autimatic and robonext have been cooperating intensively since 2019 on various RPA projects. Together, we are passionate about tapping the talent potential of people with autism and about developing robust and future proof automations.

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Captains of Finance specializes in supporting companies within the Accounting, Controlling, Analysis and Treasury departments, both for temporary support and for permanent recruitment. Captains of Finance and robonext collaborate on RPA implementations for financial departments. With our combined offering of services related to process analysis, optimization and implementation, we can accelerate the adoption of RPA by financial departments.