Robotic process automation at Caldr

The Customer

Caldr is an innovative technology company that aims to be the reference worldwide in regards to communication between patient and healthcare provider, before and after the consultation. Caldr has developed a platform that connects healthcare providers to patients, by combining efficient and dynamic scheduling of healthcare appointments with secure communication between patients and healthcare provider.

The Challenge

Caldr is growing very fast with new healthcare providers signing up for their service on a daily basis. A considerable amount of these healthcare providers have used an alternative platform before their migration to Caldr. In order to maximize the benefit of using Caldr, the historical data inside this discontinued service needs to be migrated to Caldr. However, most of these legacy services do not allow to migrate this historical data through an Application Programming Interface (API).

The Solution

Robonext has created RPA robots to migrate the historical data out of legacy web-based appointment scheduling tools. The robots log in and scrape all historical appointment data through the user interface of these web applications. Subsequently, the data is converted into the right data structure such that it can be imported in Caldr. This enables Caldr to provide a custom data migration service to their customers, thereby increasing the value of Caldr from the first day that it is being used.

The Results

“Automating the data migration has tremendous value for our clients. When they switch to one of our competitors, they have to migrate their data manually (!) themselves. With the RPA robots developed by Robonext, we can unburden our clients, let them focus on their core business and prevent any loss of data. The decision to switch to Caldr is even more easy to make” says Jochen Moerman, founder & CEO of Caldr.