Robotic process automation at Peters Belgian Outdoor Plants

The Customer

Peters Belgian Outdoor Plants has more than 50 years of experience in growing and selling outdoor plants. They obtain their wide range of plants mainly from their own nursery Heyeveld. Garden designers, garden centers and community landscaping services find a complete, current and innovative selection of living garden products.

The Challenge

Peters is confronted with sharp increases in demand during certain periods of the year, due to the seasonality of the business. Matching the variable amount of transactions (sales orders, purchase orders) with the appropriate human resources is challenging. Also, a considerable amount of tasks are repetitive and follow fixed rules.

The Solution

Robonext has implemented an RPA solution (Softomotive) to automate several repetitive processes related to the translation of sales orders into purchase orders and the processing of invoices. The first robot was ready within one week after the kickoff of the project.

The Results

The RPA project at Peters Belgian Outdoor Plants has resulted in a significant reduction of manual, repetitive work for order and invoice processing. The payback time of their investment in this project is shorter than 3 months.

In the words of Leon Peters, managing director:

Due to COVID-19, improving our operational efficiency is our priority. We are always looking for the shortest and fastest route to achieve this goal.

In Robonext, we have found the ideal partner to automate our administrative processes.

They help us to apply Robotic Process Automation to automate processes that use our custom-made software applications. We can confidently advise every small and medium-sized business: start using RPA and let yourself be guided by the expertise of Robonext to lift your administration to a higher level. You will be amazed with the ROI. Highly recommended!”