Faktion en robonext kondigen partnership aan

Scale-ups Faktion and Robonext will combine their two specialties through a new partnership: Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. In this way, companies can go further than automating business processes that follow fixed rules. “Software robots are taking on increasingly complex and cognitive tasks.”

Faktion and Robonext, two Belgian technology scale-ups from the Antwerp region, announce their collaboration to help organizations unlock the value of two transformational technologies: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that allows companies to create virtual colleagues or software robots that mimic the actions of employees in digital systems. RPA can automate a wide variety of repetitive business processes, in Finance, IT, HR, Operations, etc. According to Gartner, RPA is currently the fastest growing software segment in the world due to its broad applicability and interesting ROI.

Robonext is an RPA integrator specialized in providing implementation, support and training services to help companies realize the value of RPA. Robonext is a technology partner of UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Microsoft. The company is based in Edegem, Belgium and supports more than 30 customers in the Benelux, such as Toyo Ink Europe, Scania, Vandersanden and Quares.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a core technology that is transforming our world in as fundamental a way as steam power, electricity and computers have done in the past. AI is able to mimic and enhance cognitive functions that we associate with the human mind, such as learning and problem solving.

Faktion is a boutique end-to-end Artificial Intelligence service provider empowering organizations to build competitive cognitive capabilities for a future where data science and machine learning play a critical role in the rapidly transforming economic reality. With offices in Belgium and Singapore, Faktion is rapidly expanding its business and extending its professional services to both small and large enterprises in its local markets.

Metamaze, a product recently incubated by Faktion, is a platform to automate complex manual workflows of both structured and unstructured documents through their best-in-class Natural Language Processing engine.

By combining the powers of AI and RPA, organizations can go beyond automating business processes that follow set rules and also build intelligence into their robotic workforce.

Enriching RPA robots with AI will dramatically increase the scope and impact of RPA, allowing organizations to automate more complex and cognitive tasks such as classifying documents and emails, extracting information from unstructured data, and generating predictions based on real-time business data.

Niels Van Weereld, Chief Executive Officer of Metamaze: “We really believe in the concept of ’targeted innovation’, applying technologies to solve business cases rather than just as a gimmick. During previous collaborations we have discovered that this pragmatic and down-to-earth approach characterizes Robonext as a company and has made them successful in the past. That is why we are strongly convinced of the complementarity of our two companies, not only on a technological level, but also from a strategic and cultural perspective.”

Joris Van Ostaeyen, Chief Strategy Officer of robonext: “We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Faktion and Metamaze. The combination of RPA and AI allows companies to take their digital transformation to the next level and to build a real competitive advantage. We see a good match between our business model and Faktion’s pragmatic and proven approach to operationalize AI.”

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