Intelligent Automation of Order Entry at Algist Bruggeman

The Customer

Since its founding in 1949, Algist Bruggeman has grown into a leading producer of baker’s yeast.

Based on their many years of experience, they have built up strong production knowledge and process control, which results in high-quality products. In addition, Algist Bruggeman is a pioneer in developing new yeast products and applications to meet the rapidly changing needs of bakers and industrial bakeries.

Algist Bruggeman has an annual turnover of more than 71 million Euros and employs about 170 people. It is part of Lesaffre Group and is located in the Port of Ghent.

The Challenge

In the order processing department, Algist Bruggeman was confronted with a high workload of urgent copy-paste work. On a daily basis, new orders are submitted by customers in PDF format through email. These orders need to be entered into the ERP system of Algist Bruggeman in a timely manner, such that urgent deliveries can be executed on time.

A specific challenge that Algist Bruggeman encountered was that copying these orders into the ERP manually was a slow and error prone process.

The Solution

Algist Bruggeman talked with robonext to automate these repetitive processes. A solution was implemented that consists of the following components:

  • Intelligent Document Processing (Metamaze) that allows to extract all relevant order information from a wide variety of documents automatically
  • Robotic Process Automation (Microsoft Power Automate) that ensures that all extracted information is entered into the ERP system

The Results

Automating the order entry has led to efficiency improvements, an improved customer service and a lower error rate.

In the words of Elke Van Londerzele, Responsible Supply & Demand:

“Thanks to the automation by robonext, we process hundreds of orders per day through an automated flow. We currently achieve an overall automation rate of more than 80% of the documents. This leads to a significant time saving, but most importantly is the 80% reduction of errors that we achieved. This translates into more efficient operations but a significant improvement of our customer service as well.”