Invoice processing with RPA at Vandersanden

The Customer

Vandersanden is a family business with a history of more than 90 years and Belgian market leader in handformed facing bricks.

They offer products that inspire the design and realization of beautiful buildings and the construction of streets and gardens.

The Challenge

Vandersanden receives thousands of invoices per year. These invoices are received mostly as pdf’s (readable or scanned images) in a central mailbox. The information from the invoices needs to be validated and added in Vandersanden’s finance application.

The Solution

Robonext has implemented an RPA solution in combination with an Metamaze intelligent document processing. The invoice data is extracted automatically from the PDF’s for a wide variety of suppliers. The data extraction solution by Metamaze is based on best-in-class Artificial Intelligence, and ensures that data is retrieved without the need for creating a template per vendor.  Subsequently, a robot enters this data into the finance application through its user interface.

The Results

Processing invoices automatically results in significant time savings for the Vandersanden finance team.

Tijs Mebis, Finance Manager: “The efficiency gain for us is that our robots perform manual, repetitive tasks such that our employees can focus on tasks that require insight and that add value to our business.

Steven Vanhoenshoven, ICT Infrastructure Analyst: “Our IT department was initially quite sceptical about RPA, because we feared we would lose control of the process. But it turned out that we should not be afraid of RPA at all. After the project with finance, we implemented two additional robots, one that extracts production data and another one that cleanses redundant records in a web application.