Order Entry with RPA at Mr. Mallo

The Customer

Founded in 1907 as an artisanal producer, Mr. Mallo Group now produces more than 15.000 ton of Marshmallows annually in its three state-of-the-art production facilities.

Mr. Mallo is the ‘one-stop-shop’ partner for retailers around the globe for their private label Marshmallow projects.

The Challenge

Mr. Mallo employees need to enter orders who arrive by email into the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. The order documents arrive as pdf files and have a fixed layout per customer. Entering these orders used to be a very time consuming, repetitive task, time which should be spent in more meaningful ways in terms of customer service.

The Solution

Robonext has automated the Order Entry process by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in combination with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Robonext has built a custom order document validator in .NET to allow the employees to validate the output of the data extraction with OCR.

The Results

Thanks to the application of RPA, Mr. Mallo’s employees spend less time on data entry and have more time available to interact with customers.

Tim Van Der Linden, logistics supervisor at Mr. Mallo: “Order entry automation and the implementation by robonext has proven to be a valuable asset, realizing a 70% reduction in order entry time and thus improving the general quality of our customer service.