Real estate management with RPA at Quares

The Customer

Quares (Quality Real Estate Services), founded in 2005, is a major player in the real estate market in Benelux. Driven by a sense of innovation, Quares is a pioneer in applying innovative technologies. Quares consists of 4 divisions: Agency, Investment, Management and Consulting.

Quares Management is one of the top 3 property managers on the Belgian market, responsible for 2250 hectares of industrial sites, more than 1200 tenants and 1.800.000 m2 of buildings.

The Challenge

Property accounting involves a considerable repetitive workload, including invoicing, provisions, price indexing, supplier invoice processing and generating bank files for payments.

The Solution

Robonext has implemented an RPA solution to automate 6 repetitive processes for Quares in the finance and property management divisions. The RPA robots perform the following tasks automatically:

  • Adapting rental prices based on public index data
  • Creating invoices and provisions
  • Extracting data from supplier invoices and allocating utility costs to multiple tenants of a building
  • Generating bank records

The Results

By applying RPA for these processes, Quares employees already save hundreds of hours of repetitive workload per month.

Jens De Roover, Finance and IT Manager: “A sense of innovation is the foundation of everything we do at Quares. My focus is digitalization and automation. Partnering with Robonext has helped us to automate time consuming processes, reducing error margins and allowing property accountants to focus more on creating value for our clients. Our first steps in the fascinating world of RPA have been taken and we are already looking further for potential future optimizations.”