Robotic order processing for Trafuco

The Customer

Trafuco is an established name in the transportation sector for more than 40 years. With Schelle as its home base, the company enjoys a perfect location and accessibility in relation to Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Rotterdam.

Trafuco offers a total logistic solution for the transport of liquids, containers and packed goods. The company employs 350 people, has an annual revenue of 42 M€ and processes more than 70.000 transport orders yearly.

The Challenge

Trafuco was faced with a huge repetitive workload related to order processing. Trafuco’s customers need to be kept up to date continuously on the status of their orders. Therefore, data related to transports that is present in their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, needs to be synchronized with specific external customer portals.

This administrative work of copy-pasting this data across various systems used to be a manual task, creating a huge workload for Trafuco’s operations team, and a considerable risk of errors.

The Solution

Robonext implemented a solution to process orders automatically by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of Microsoft Power Automate. The robots are scheduled to extract data from the ERP and enter it into various specific customer portals of Trafuco’s customers.

The Results

In the words of Nick Paelinck, HR and IT manager at Trafuco:

“Because of the increasing demand to digitize data, in our case to fill in customer portals, we have called on the services and experience of robonext. We are well supported in this process from start to finish.”