Robotic process automation at Scania Benelux

The Customer

Scania AB is a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – specifically heavy trucks and buses. It also manufactures diesel engines for heavy vehicles as well as marine and general industrial applications.

The Challenge

In 2019, Scania embarked on a global RPA intitiative, making use of Automation Anywhere RPA technology. The goal of this initiative is to automate repetitive business processes in order to relieve employees of tedious, repetitive tasks and to increase productivity.

The regional office Scania Benelux conducted an organization-wide mapping of the RPA potential. With almost 100+ potential automations, it was clear that Scania Benelux would need to find a local implementation partner with the right skillset and experience to help Scania Benelux developers to gain insight, experience and understand best practices.

The Solution

Since early 2019, robonext has supported Scania Benelux by providing specialized RPA development, analysis and support services. Several pilot cases were implemented and supported, including administrative processes related to GDPR and adding, updating and deactivating vehicle information across various software systems. All these developments were conducted in a pair-programming fashion in order to get Scania developers up to speed.

The automated solutions were designed with the Pareto principle in mind, such that the largest share of repetitive transactions are automated and low-volume exceptions are processed manually by Scania’s teams. This ensures that the technical solution is optimal from a business case point of view.

The Results

In the words of Nicky Van Overloop, IT Project Manager at Scania Benelux: “The first automations proved that RPA is capable to relieve Scania’s teams of tedious administrative tasks and enable them to focus on tasks that require human validation. Scania Benelux will continue on its RPA journey with robonext as a key partner when it comes to complex developments, guidance and advisory.”