Robotic process automation for finance at AZ Groeninge

The Customer

AZ Groeninge is a dynamic hospital with 1050 beds, 2800 employees and 250 physicians in Kortrijk, Belgium. Every year, these employees take care of 35,000 overnight hospitalizations, 38,000 day hospitalizations, 37,000 emergency room admissions, 1850 deliveries and 41,000 surgeries. AZ Groeninge puts quality care, innovation and patient focus central.

The Challenge

Finance employees of AZ Groeninge were faced with repetitive administrative tasks related to the processing of bank statements. The majority of bank statements were already matched automatically to the correct patient file within the finance application (SAP), but specific high volume exceptions caused a significant manual workload. These bank statements are for example related to payments by debt collection agencies, parking and cafeteria.

The Solution

Robonext implemented a UiPath robot that processes bank statements automatically. The robot navigates within SAP to the unprocessed CODA files and searches for the patient name and/or file number. Then it assigns these payments to the correct file, by meticulously following the right process steps and navigating through the SAP user interfaces.

The Results

In the words of Greet Vandemaele, Finance officer: “The added value of RPA for us is that simple financial transactions are now handled by the robot, so that staff time can be better used to handle more complex matters. This results in less stress. The more complex tasks are therefore treated with greater alertness and precision.

There is a good cooperation with robonext. In advance, we worked out a detailed step-by-step process description. This provided the perfect basis to start this project. As a result, further progress went very smoothly. They are fast to respond to our questions and to provide solutions for them.”