Sales order entry with RPA at Polypreen

The Customer

Polypreen is a Belgian manufacturer of sleeping systems in private label. They are based in Lommel and employ 140 people.

Polypreen manufactures daily about 1500 matrasses for 1300 customers.

The Challenge

Polypreen sales employees receive hundreds of orders per day through e-mail. These orders are sent as pdf attachment in a different layout per customer. Some pdf’s are machine readable, others are scanned images. The order information needs to be extracted and added to the Order Management application. This used to be a very time-consuming, dull activity.

The Solution

After following a robonext workshop on RPA in 2019, Polypreen discovered that sales order entry is a common RPA application with an interesting ROI.

Robonext has implemented an RPA solution in combination with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service. The data is extracted from the PDF’s and subsequently fed into a custom .NET based validation application. After validation, the order info is entered automatically by the RPA robot into MS Dynamics.

The Results

The solution is  implemented for high volume customers of Polypreen, resulting in significant time saving for the Polypreen sales desk employees.

Jimmy Mentens, Plant Manager: “We notice that the manual work for order entry is simplified enormously with RPA. We gain time for our core business, which is to serve our customers.