Build Software Robots with UiPath (Syntra Bootcamp)

During this intensive 4-day bootcamp organized by Syntra AB and powered by robonext, you will learn how to build your own robots in UiPath. This technical, hands-on training will show you the ins and outs of RPA Development in UiPath Studio, and will teach you about how to monitor and deploy your robots with UiPath Orchestrator.


  • Introduction to RPA technologies and UiPath in particular
  • Basic principles of RPA development in UiPath: automation of various types of applications (e.g. web, desktop, Excel, etc)
  • A mix of theory and exercises to ensure that you will get hands-on experience and that you understand how to implement software robots in UiPath
  • Advanced development in UiPath

Target group:

  • This technical training is targeted at those interested in becoming RPA Developer.
  • No RPA development experience is required
  • Some affinity with software development is recommended

Practical information:


4 days


1, 8, 15 and 22 June (Mechelen)


€ 1 210


Syntra Mechelen

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