Lab Robotic Process Automation (VOKA West Flanders)

This onsite training in Dutch, organized by VOKA West Flanders and powered by robonext, gives you an introduction to the business and technology aspects of RPA. Within a group of peers you will learn what RPA is, how you can identify the best applications for your company, with a specific focus on finance applications, and how you can build a simple robot yourself. This is the 3rd edition of this workshop series in collaboration with VOKA West Flanders.


  • Through live demo’s and practical use cases, you will understand the possibilities of RPA
  • You will learn how to identify and select use cases for RPA, specifically within the Finance domain
  • You will learn from your peers on RPA applications within various contexts
  • You will also learn to build a simple robot yourself making use of UiPath

Target group:

  • This training is an introduction to RPA, where no specific prior knowledge is required.
  • Given the broad applicability of this software technology, participants can come from different departments
  • Most participants are CFO, director, finance manager or project/program managers
  • RPA is applicable for both large organizations and SMEs.

Practical information:


1.5 days


24 May 2022 (9:00-16:00) 31 May 2022 (9:00-12:30)


€ 550


VOKA Bruges

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